Red Bull Uncorked

Red Bull Uncorked


Uncorking Snowboarding’s Creative Side

Mark McMorris and Sebastien Toutant are two of the best slopestyle riders in the world. They came to Red Bull with the idea of creating a unique terrain park full of super technical features that would shift focus from hyper-technical, corked spins to just having fun and getting creative. Anthill Films captured all the action and my role was to bring the film titles to life in a clean, uncomplicated way that spoke to the original concept.

Client: Anthill Films/Red Bull      Agency: VentureWeb      Role: Concept + Design


Alt Execution

This alternate exectution was ultimately not chosen by the client but was a favourite here at Magnetic North. Starting with the opposing lines of the letter "O" each component of this inline font was revealed to reflect the simplified, smooth movements of the "uncorked" snowboard footage.

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